You realize one day that you’re running out of time. You have this unsettling feeling that the Earth is spinning faster and faster, and that your control over it is growing weaker and weaker. You begin to entertain a fear that you will wake up tomorrow to a text from your service provider saying that your plan has expired. You have used up all your available data and someone else has beaten you. It’s over. Please call 1 800-YOU-LOSE for more information.
Until finally you make a new, astonishing realization: There are more of you. They may not look like you or act like you, but they’re thinking the same thing. They’re spread across the world (and perhaps beyond) sitting in the same chairs staring into the same screens, offering nothing more than the stories and experiences they so deeply care about, but unsure of what to do with them. Every day they sit, uttering the same words that no one ever seems to fully comprehend: “Running. Out. Of. Time.”
This is for them.